Wanda and Chocolate factory (in her kitchen)

Because I wanted to. I read ingridients, and I'm not alergic to only one black chocolate in my store. So, I bought it, and I made strawberries with black chocolate for my parents (and me, if I'll work well today), who're coming today. I hope, they'll like them, and forgive whole mess in apartement...
They maybe don't look too good, but they're delecious :D


klos said...

I wanna be a "guinea pig" :-)

klos said...

No strawberries around my house except wild strawberries but not too much (not enough ;-)). Only cherries. Cherries + chocolate? Sounds good.

Dalvia said...

wanna to send some chocolate? :)

klos said...

I must say it in Polish:

"Czekolada z paczek" ;-D

( Sorry guys - I don't have time for talking about Polish history this time ;-D )

Sure, but don't send oranges (its always came too late ;DDD ).

klos said...

Wanna get some chocolate? :-)

Long time ago I got many of them from Belgium and Switzerland, you know? Maybe it's a time for a payback.


Dalvia said...

You know, we're not at THOSE time now :D I remember, when in '95 we recevied some package from USA with clothes, chocolate and sugar... :D That was fun! ;)

klos said...

OMG! '95 ? Really? Somebody lived in forest 10 years and didn't read newspapers? :D

But look at this: THOSE time passed away; now, PLN is getting stronger and stronger when EURO is coming down quickly... Good time for sending some chocolates and warm cloths (maybe some cherries?) to our bros and sis from Western Europe.

Don't you think they will be happy about that?

Who in the whole world doesn't like chocolate ;-)