That was very long time since I've touvhed crayons... I was terribly inspirated by Matt Dineen Mateo. Problem? Well, I redrew his picture, a woman, but just did it in my own proportions... I loved his colors, style.....


Naked woman/ une femme nue

Was bored, and didn't know, what clothes put on her.
And also, I'm making little test, of which Mobidic told me...


Ended pages

Well, I think those are final pages. Love second one, first is a mess...
technique: brou de noix and aquarel

Comic book tests

Adaptation of a story. Tests of first page. We did storyboard of all story, but do only 2 pages of choice in color

A la mode

made for webpage of my older sister about stylisation. That'll be done soon.



gravure, liographie, first thing...