Playing with layouts. I think, now it's little bit better ;)
Banner completely inspired by Sirwen (I though about drawing myself with my laptop and me as an animal before, but nickname with different fonts etc. that I was inspired by my dear friend Si-Yu aka Sirwen


sirwen said...

nouvelle bannière ... reminds me of someone's blog ... :D
well, the colors are much better now.

is that your handwriting? or where did you get that font qui tue?
by the way, i just finished my animation film, i'm going to upload it in the next instant! ouaaaaaaaaais!

Dalvia said...

shhhhhhh, you know nothing :P
Actually, I wanted to do that since long time, bt finally your blog inspirate me :)
And that's not my handwriting, that is font called "Hannibal lecter", I found it on some page, loooong time ago ;)

sirwen said...

haha, funny that you mention me now 2 times :D. hmm, but i got the impression that you look a bit bored on the picture ...

(*lol* i just remembered that funny quote, you know? "elle est super-moche mais on la reconnait" ... not that your drawing is ugly, but i just had to laugh.)

Dalvia said...

Sorry, I should have done it before. Kill me, when I'll come to Switzerland ;)

Yeah, and I remember that comment..... never forget ;)