Shitty tablet

Trying out something, that yesterday Sadr showed me. Seriously, I can't understand, how he could do anything with my shitty tablet. Next time I'm going to buy much better one, NO MORE "TRUST"!
Thought, next year I think we're going to use much more this thing, so really, I need to get better one. With mine all lines are so shaky! Horrible!
Anyway, still I wanted to try by my own what Sadr showed me. Quite fun, I must say, it took me much less time than before :D


Old comics

My very first comic book I've made. Five years ago, when I practicly started to draw. Comic book named "Thiefs", in manga style (because I started my drawing adventure with manga). It supposed to be very complicated story. I drew 29 pages. Here You've got first few...

After that, my second comic book I've made in my life, La Polonaise (name of pub), and 67 pages (never finished either). Very naive, but... yeah, I've still got weakness for it, ome kind of nostalgie, you know ;)
Just wanted to show, what happened in those 5 years...


Sun in a city

Well, that's it. Last page I did in rush, I just wanted to finish that bloody thing, and I hadn't got good idea for last image. So, I just did rush sketch.
Perspective rulez :P
Oh, and anathomy.... after scanning I can see, how many mistakes I've made....