dead for some time

Yeah, I didn't post anything lately. Thing is, that I moved back to Warsaw/Poland, and so, it takes some time to find some decent place to live (and not my parents couch), where I could put my scanner and other stuff together, so I have no pictures whatsoever (how do you spell this word?!).
Anyhow, for those, who don't know, I passed my last year, I have a dyploma that has no meaning in Poland, but at least, I can see the reactions of people when they discover, that last four years of my life I spent doing graphic-novels. Kind of cool, right?
So, when my PC will be back and good, I'll scan some quit sketches I did, and (hopefully!) I'll do some pretty, preeeeetty pictures. And do more about comic-book project that I've got in my head. But, please, give me some time off, I seriously need a big break.
Have a good holidays!