Both sketches I made on subway, on my way to poker game at my friends house, and on my way back. I'm learning, how to draw some position during some fight etc. I'll need this for my comic-book "The Legend"
Still I've got much to do... darn ;)


Fete de la musique

Because I wanted to. I'm a girl, and I like to climb. On what? Everything, when nobody's watching (like Police :P), or on walls like this, when you don't need to pay for it, and you've got time.
Because you should do anything you want to, when you've got good ocasion.

Thanks to Catherine for a photo!



Yesterday I was showing clothes of my friend. But I had to wait looong time untill this particular moment, so, I was sleeping, or drawing. That was what I created. No background, as usual, I didn't have enough strenght... as usual :P
Anyway, my original chara, Quelle, source of every possible information.

and those are simple sketches, still when I was bored there...

About arts

Copied from mine Deviant Art Journal:

Now, I’d like to write something about works, deviants. In that way I’m not good, I know, so that article will concern me also.
First thing: when you’re giving a deviant, you must concern in your calculation is, that everybody can do a criticism of that.
Second thing: your work don’t need be popular to be good. On DA pageviews does not saying a thing! That’s just an information. You can be a great artist, but not so popular.
Because, how you can have a lot of pageviews even, when you’re a horrible artist? Simple: give maaaany watch, faves and comments, have a trush in your gallery, redraw some things, some manga’s, and have them as FanArt. I saw, that the most faves has got the FanArts of some manga. Even, when that artist don’t know, how to draw, he’s content, because he’s got a lot of pg, because of his one frikin’ work. So, pg means nothing!
Third thing: I saw that on some comments: draw your pictures like they're the last picture that you'll ever draw. Do the best photo possible, do everything best you can do, like that's the last thing you'll ever do!

Remember then: pg means nothing to you, you can be a great artist without being popular! But, if somebody will see your works, maybe that’ll be somebody who knows, how to give a Daily Deviant suggestion, and like that you’ll be popular for one day probably… or for more and more :)

About artists

Copied from mine Deviant Art Journal

So, for now the last article, for which I’ve got some idea. Here we go, mates!
So, what make people the artists? That they’re dressing in original way? That they’re doing some totally crazy things? That guys who’s working on the desk call them “crazy one”? I don’t think so. I think, that everybody is some kind of artist in any way. So, why you want to be so original? Why do you dress like some kind of “artist” person. Clothes that’s don’t match one to each other, jeans with holes, minis, and under that some other pants… Big, metallic shoes, very strong make-up. And for what? Just to be seeing on the street? Believe me, you don’t need any stuff like that to be seeing! Be yourself! Don’t try to be cool, or things like that, because that’ll bring you NOTHING!
I’ve got in my school some guys, who’re looking at me like to a weird person. Why? Because I’m in artist school, and I wear normal clothes. And why I’m not wearing stuff like them? Because I don’t need to show anyone, how original I am, or that I am some kind of artist. I know that, and that’s fair enough for me.
Also, somebody, who’s not feeling good in clothes that he has, that everybody can see. He just don’t fit in, he’s looking weird for us. But somebody, who’s wearing things not normal for us, but he’s feeling good in it, he’s just looking good. Weird, huh? But very true.
Some, dear artists. Please, don’t exaggerate with your look. Because that’s not the most important in art. In art the works are important, and you, by yourself. Not your clothes…

About comments

Copied from mine Deviant Art Journal

Well, now I’ll start some kind of series of articles. My opinions about some thing.
So, now we can start.
First of all, I’d like to say few things about comments. I must admit, I’m not perfect in it, sometimes I just don’t have any idea, what to say, and others are saying that “I hate people, who’re watching, or faving my works, without saying a word!”. Well, listen guys, in my opinion, not every work need a comment. Why? Because there’re good, and bad artists, and if you’ll do a critic of bad artist, then’ll be a classic motive of “I’m abandoning DA!!! Nobody appreciate my works, and I’m trying so hard!!!”. Or, just works are so good, that you just don’t need to say a damn thing! Like works of William Turner, that I’d never comment, because I just love them, and they don’t need a word… silence say everything…
Another thing: when you’re commenting the others, I’ll take the example on me, when you’re commenting me, you’re writing “cute”, “fine”, or “I like that, but something is wrong. But, hell, what I can say, I can’t draw at all, so I can’t say anything”. That last thing worrying my the most. Geez, you’re a receiver of a work! You must like it, an artist, and YOU! If an artist want to draw to himself, he shouldn’t show any of his works, cause that’s only for him. Fine, but if there’s anybody, who’s showing his works, you’ve got full right to do review!!! And you don’t need to do good drawings. Absolutely not! You see the nature, like the others, you can say whatever you see is bad on that picture. If that “bad” thing is a fragment of style of artist, you’ll see that on his other works, or that artist will explain it to you. No worries! Only like that an artist can learn something for next time! So, any word “cute”, “good” or whatever, won’t help anybody. I know, I did same thing. But last time I tried to change it. And same thing I’m expecting from all of you… I just can’t see my mistakes. Help me with it!

Subways Sketches

Made in subway, on my way to my work. Each one took me few minutes.
Automatic pencil 0,5 mm, 2B


Ilustration made in april, during some class, character from "Notre Dame de Paris" of Victor Hugo. Daisy.
Automatic Pencil 0,5 mm, 2B, time: 20 minutes


Painting made few weeks ago on drawing lessons. Made with acquarels, one of my firsts with this tecnic. One of the best I made...


First project from second term, "nightmare", made on calcque inactinique, electrostatique (no idea for name in english)

Future 2048

Last project for my studies, for end of year. I choose an ideological subject, and actually, everyone though, that I'm some kind of religion racist (and I'm not!), I liked what I did. I would like to change one or two things, but looking on technic side, I'm proud of myself.
This is theoriticly in bichromie. If I'll find some strenght, I'll do this better...

Tecnic: lines: ink, greyscale: guash, bichromie: Photoshop CS


Page 2:
-That's impossible! I can't understand a single thing from this class!
-Pierre, don't exagerate... You had to understand something...
-I swear! Interpretation of Bible is not my class at all...

-How will I pass this class? God, sweet God, help your poor bieliever
-Now, now. You don't need help from our God with so simple thing. I'll come to you this evening, I'll help you to understand.

-Rescue me! I'm already late, and I forgot my Bible... Dont you have one?

-Yes, but...

-Thank you, Pierre! I'll bring it back later!
-Hey, wait! I need it!
-It's ok, Pierre, we'll be learning from mine...

Page 3:
-Yes, madam?
-Open your Bible

-Read a passege from Marc 8, versets from 22 to 26
-(reading passage... please, I won't trabslate that damn thing :P his reading and he stops)

-(continue to reading with hesitation)

-Hi! Wow, you're here a lot! I thought about learning only with Raphael, but come on i...

Page 4:
-Marie... Can I go with you?

-In four years, when you'll have your second baptism.
-But that's so long...

-Little patience, my brother


On first post you should write something what would encourage others to come back here. I've no idea, what should I write here, so, I leave "welcome" note to your invention and imagination.
I would like to apologize for my english, originaly I'm Polish. Please, understand ;)

This blog was made, because I had enough of Deviant Art, and having about dozens diffrent pages for diffrent comics. So, from today, everything will be here!

Let's begin!