My character. Daughter of Void, carrier of Primeval Power from my world. Well, I wasn't very creative, when I made her. But still like her character ;)
Of course, anathomie sucks, again, and again. But I like her head, how I made it.

Made during watching third season of "Angel". Starting to annoy me. That's fun, when there's some battle. But it's starting to be soap opera....



Welcome, to my freaky world...

PS. I had no idea, that some functions here were in polish -.-' sorry...


Sketch from anatomie lessons: muscles.
Little bit new lay. I'll be still working on it (menu makes me nervous...)


Ok, some acquarel thingy made on "Ecriture" lesson.
Working on new layout. And, I won't post my last project for my studies. It's just too... horrible....



Preview of comic for my studies.
Technic: acquarel, ink


Photo 2

Two photos that I've made for Photo lessons and...

Brushes that I've made in PS on Infographie and that I used to make some clouds... and surface of Earth :P



For MadEyeCat :)

Kandid, 18-year old boy who's going to become and Inkub because of a stupid bet...

Anatomie: right leg too short and foot a completely disaster. But Xanarachne asked me to put him here anyway, so...


Photo lessons

Well, here we are. Photos that I've mate for lecures of photo. Not all, of cours, I'll do some outside also, when I'll be able to go outside... I mean, when I'll be cure!
Basicilly those I've made at my place in a middle of my ilness. Photos with shoes reminds me about army (I've never been there, but at my home was little bit like there I think...), spider was in my sink, I named him even, but he died. Books is something like "you are what you read". And rests... some closeups and optical effects. Nothing special. Hope he (profesor) will enjoy them.