Stressed out

Yeah, sorry, no posts, I barely come to see your works on blogs, but I do try!
Since wendsday I'm little bit ill, and can't read much, or I have enough of TV, so I started to write again. It feels sooo good... I've got an old and new ideas for like 4 scenarios, and so I'll just write that down in form of story's, or books maybe. And then... we'll see ^^ Also, I'll try my best to draw something more interesting, than a stupid doodle, but I have absolutely no idea what could I do that would be so awesome. Yep, I've got no more faith in my drawing skills. Sucks, but whatever. If you would have the Jury oppinion about your work going round and round in your had for almost six months, and some other stressful things going on in your life, you would totally understand. Grrrr....



No time to even think. 4 different and very lovely jobs, driving license lessons, learning to the Theatre Academie exams, and helping whoever I can in my family with Christmas, 18th birthday party of my younger brother etc etc. Jeez, theese weeks will kill me anytime soon...



After 4 months of break, trying to draw again.
Sorry for the quality, there's not much light these days, and photo with flash looks reaaally weird.
Plus the portrait doesn't look much like my model, but it's still pretty ;)
One minute sketches, and 20 min portrait



Yep, changing this stuff. But, I have little bit of time every few days, si it'll took more, than I though. Anyway, have to draw a header, and do some links, 'cause I saw how some of my friends did them (in pictures) and I loved it! Also, I'll have to erase some of them, there's far too much. Oh well...



Yeah, I wanted to draw that for like two months...

I dedicate that to my poor boyfriend

Ludzie Warszawy!: w połowie lipca otwarto na Szczęsliwicach basen otwarty! Ale teraz jest zamknięty, bo ciut chłodniej się zrobiło...


simae xxx

I've got most of my stuff. Waiting for an inspiration...



Well, for some time I wanted to draw Simae, before she became any kind of Goddess. It's a quick thing, I still don't have my work place, so I drew that on my knee, watching third season of Numb3rs. Simple pencil, and PITT artist pen size "B", so really huuuuge one. And the only one I've got now :/


Berlin 2010

All panda's photo I specially dedicate to my younger sister ;)
Thanks to Zuzia and Si-yu!

Trójmiasto 2010

Thank you, Sophie, and Magda, for being my models :D



When I'll completely move in another appartement, and find my stuff to draw something "normal", I'll post it. And, hell, I really wan't to start sketches to my album. But I can't. I have absolutely, nothing here.... :/
Anyway, I'll post some doodles, nothing else. Have fun on your holidays!



a quicky. My computer is back on...


dead for some time

Yeah, I didn't post anything lately. Thing is, that I moved back to Warsaw/Poland, and so, it takes some time to find some decent place to live (and not my parents couch), where I could put my scanner and other stuff together, so I have no pictures whatsoever (how do you spell this word?!).
Anyhow, for those, who don't know, I passed my last year, I have a dyploma that has no meaning in Poland, but at least, I can see the reactions of people when they discover, that last four years of my life I spent doing graphic-novels. Kind of cool, right?
So, when my PC will be back and good, I'll scan some quit sketches I did, and (hopefully!) I'll do some pretty, preeeeetty pictures. And do more about comic-book project that I've got in my head. But, please, give me some time off, I seriously need a big break.
Have a good holidays!


Last school project (hopefully)

Just one page, without any text, so you would know, how it looks like...
My back is killing me...



Yep, yep yep, long time nothing, but I've got too much things to do. Packing my house, drawing graphic novel for my school... anyway, some drawings I still made for my studies. Maybe some day I'll post something that'll be completely out of it...

PS. All drawings made in 7 to 20 minutes