Chinese ink and brush

Sketches I made on airport in december, while going to Warsaw. Plane had 2,5 hour of delay...
Posted best ones. Made with brush-ink and brush-water


Oil paiting

Oil painting on plastic celo. Kind of fun, must admit!


Winter Day

No background, no special decorations. I did this drawing for something completely else, so I didn't wan't to do something special...
One of first fully digital drawing


Stieg Larsson "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo"

I read that book pretty fast, even, when I had a lot to do. This is... amazing! I heard about that last year, from my "Theory of media" teacher. I wrote down a title, but couldn't find it. And when I finally did (in french, or english) that was far too expensive. Finally, I came back to Poland for Christmas and then... miricale: that was just printed in polish version. And though there is many mistakes in translation (gramma, stylist, sometimes translator changes sex....) it's still great. Just, grab this book. Well developped story and characters, espacially of Lisbeth Salander. Take it. That's an order!!!

I can't wait untill april to have second volume in polish (well, I understand far better this language, and more important: is at least twice cheaper than in other language :P)
Unfortunately, author couldn't see his succes. He died in 2004, when his book was released in 2005 :/

Ps. I hope they'll NOT make a movie. They'll screw this up, for sure. There's just too much too show within 2, maybe 3 hours....