Well, I don't have too much patience to PC coloring, especially, when It's always some kind of crap. I would love to try some more during this holidays, but I've got dozens of books to read, and one book which I need to learn by heart, if I wan't to pass my driving license... Gosh, why there's always something to do? :D
Anyway, here is Simae, my own character, one of my personal favorites. Draw the simpliest way possible, because I had a mood for something like that.


sirwen said...

did you do that without tablet? if yes, it's well done, because drawing with a mouse is like drawing with a piece of soap :D.

Dalvia said...

Line I did with this chineese brush already with ink, and colors with mouse ;)

Ines said...

Wyłąmnie się i napiszę w ojczystym języku. JEstem pod wielkim wrażeniem jak się rozwinełaś wow!!!! A Simae to znakomita. Prostota jest najlepsza.