For Anathomy lessons

Will change a banner, when I'll have working PS....


Photos of A3 drawings. Still no scanner. Still trying to do something with new computer. My friends should come this evening and see, what she can do. Please, please... Need photoshop! Need faster, and better comp!!!

Sorry for the quality, but with flash of my camera, those drawings would be completely invisible...

"Un reveil"

Illustration for comic-strip of a friend from my class. As our exerice was, that we had to draw out some name of our classmates, and make a cover for his comic strip. So.... that's it!
Attention! That's a photo of picture!


Last year photos

Shots made in Brussels, Lipianki (Poland), La Manche canal and London, all of them last year.
Finally I developped my film :P And still working on old computer, so no scans!