After 4 months of break, trying to draw again.
Sorry for the quality, there's not much light these days, and photo with flash looks reaaally weird.
Plus the portrait doesn't look much like my model, but it's still pretty ;)
One minute sketches, and 20 min portrait



Yep, changing this stuff. But, I have little bit of time every few days, si it'll took more, than I though. Anyway, have to draw a header, and do some links, 'cause I saw how some of my friends did them (in pictures) and I loved it! Also, I'll have to erase some of them, there's far too much. Oh well...



Yeah, I wanted to draw that for like two months...

I dedicate that to my poor boyfriend

Ludzie Warszawy!: w połowie lipca otwarto na Szczęsliwicach basen otwarty! Ale teraz jest zamknięty, bo ciut chłodniej się zrobiło...


simae xxx

I've got most of my stuff. Waiting for an inspiration...