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-"About a boy, who didn't know a fear"

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-Shhh, daddy, that's just a shadow of your flowers...

-Did you take your pills? No? Wait...

-Here, take'em. One by one

-Thaaat's it! I'm proud of you! Do you wan't me to read you something?

-Then, go to bed!

-Are you ready my dear daddy?

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-Daddy, I'm back!
-Did you buy me anything? No? Oh well, for my next birthday then!

-Here, I brought you some flowers.

-I will put them here, so our villa would be even more beautiful!

-Daddy?! Are you ok?!

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-Justine, why do you take your caleidoscope wherever you go?
-That's the last gift from my dad...

-It's little bit junky, don't ya think?
-No, I love it!

_I though your daddy is rich, and so he can buy you something better...

-He is! But I prefer this, than another doll!
-You have many of them?
-Forteen, fifteen... you?
-Only seven...

-You're commin' tomorrow?
-Nah, our dad want's us to go to cherch, and then eat some lunch all together.
-Yeah, that'll be so borring...

-Well, I will play with my dad alone at my tree house than! S'ya!
-Yeah, 'till next time!

-I wan't to have same daddy as Justine. He's a real White Knight!

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-And because of you we need to come back earlier home!
-But, when it's dark, all monsters come out...
-Ha ha ha! Monsters...

-That's true!
-And you, Justine, you're not affraid of anything?

-Wha'? Me? No. My dad told me, that we can't be scared of so small things...

-And mine told me to stop being silly...
-Hey, that's my dad too, y'know?!
-I won!

-You can't win with 5 aces
-Oh, no?

-My dad had nothing against it...
-And ours hates when we cheat!

-Claire, Martin, please... it starts to be dark here... let's go home.

-Me too, I will go home. My dad promised to read my favorite book!
-But, I don't wan't to go home yet.
-No discussion!


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-Don't come any closer! Don't come any closer!

-What's ahppening?
-Do you see this monster?
-He's kinda' cute...

-Cute?! He's HORRIBLE!!
-I don't understand you... but, OK, I'm gettin' rid of him...

-So, who's turn is it? Claire the coward? He he he
-Stop it, Martin! That's not funny, not at all!

-That's so much funny as your fear of storm...
-That's NOT true!!!

Brushes: http://coy-dreamer.com/


BFK Program (PL)

Po ówcześnie napisanej prośbie, program imprezy w końcu jest dostępny na stronie. Przybywajcie licznie! Chciałabym was poznać/znowu zobaczyć ;)


Cabane test 3

That's how basicly my new comic will look like. In this colors. I decided finally...


Working mode/View

Proof, that I am working...

and proof, that I am not working as much as I could XD

PS. It's not THAT dark in my room... it's quite bright. Hmmm, my camera is fooling you!

Natural History Museum



The best drawings from end of feburary this year from my Sketchbook. And some picture of my characters for my "end-of-year" comic.
I've got finally my new, shiny computer, so I do scan things :) And I'm going to do some new blog, but only in polish. Sorry, I do express myself better in this nalguage. That doesn't mean, that I do speak it correctly.... anyway....

Cabane test 2

My first test for colors. Also, part of my exam for infographie...



Trying out some colors. Now I'll try on PS. Yep, new project for studies! More shortly