Drawing lessons

Well, what can I say... those are photos, I don't have an A3 scanner. Anyway, those are drawings that I've made during drawing lesson. Firsts are made with 6b pencil, those black with inked brush. Enjoy


Small sketchbook

Hello, I'm back! This evening I'm giving few sketches which I've made in Italy, from my small sketch book. Tomorrow (I hope), I'll give those from big one, and those are from Switzerland already. And after that, few photos.
Basicly, my holidays were just great! I just can't wait to go again to Italy or Switzerland, to see Sirwen, and others!
Also, when I'll have time, and I hope I will, I'll do some progress on CSS of this blog... it's just so horrible, but I'm very lasy about those kind of things...
Anyway, see you next time!

1) First sketch was made in Warsaw. Some people, and some imagine character...
2) was made in Genova. I completely screwed this church but hey, that's how you learn :P
3) was made in Pisa. Life sketch...
4) was made in Venezia. Of course, colours are absolutely not like that, they were far more beautiful...
5) was made in Milano, on train station, when I was waiting two hours for train to Verona... and suddenly, it's started to rain... Still, I enjoyed Verona!



I'm so sorry. Yesterday about midnight I came back from Warsaw, and now I'm leaving again. I'll post nothing untill 21 september, when I'll be finally back from my all voyages :)
Have a nice holidays, or studies...