Pastels, second try

Dated: 26/02/10

Dated: 26/02/10

Dated: 26/02/10

Dated: 12/02/10

Dry chalks on painted backgrounds.

Oh, and my connection is pretty bad, so I wan't be able to see your blogs for next few days...




After 20 months, blog has got 10k entries (entryes, entreiaishdkahkja - damn it, my ortographe in english is worse than in french....)
Anyway, thank you for passing by, and some kind of support, or for not killing me for my critics (they're pretty bad usually, aren't they? Sorry for that, it's stronger than me, ha-ha).
No drawing for this "special" moment. I've got no strength for it...


Cover 1rst and 4th for Great Escape

Only thing not hand maded is red color... so all pointy thingys, factures etx are traditional work, ink.
Can I go sleep now?