It's beautiful in Brussels. Finally, real holidays (well... I'm still working in chocolaterie, but holidays ;)
So, last few days I wen't to a parc and read some books. Today I made some sketches of real people, and some kids in cartoon way. Not very good, but still like it!
But I stopped pretty fast and ran away, when bunch of guys came, and started to stare at me and my sketch book. Pretty annoying...



Well... and this is end of sketches. First two are just random things in subway, and some kids, second is some old man in subway, which I drew after midnught, when I came back from my job, and third one is portret of my friend, who doesn't look like it is drew :D Oh my, I need to learn much more...


Stress at work

Nothing special, but I needed to do it. Just to... destress myself ;)
Quick sketches. But still I like it.

PS. Sam, comment ca va tot boulot? :D



Yes, I'm working, I'm working! I would love to give some normal drawing here, but you know... my job at chocolaterie, and parents who came and asks me million questions about "where I can find in Brussels...", "How I can go there..." etc... And some interesting books that I have to read, that I WAN'T to read... and organisation of my trip to Italy and Switzerland in september, and redoing page for wedding of sister, because there's still something to change... ARH!



Great Polish politic, faboulus Eurpoean intelectualist died today in car accident, when he was going to Brussels.

Rest in peace, profesor Geremek...

That was really great guy, I liked him very much. I'll never forget, how I tried to teach him, how to use oven, and washing mashin in his appartement in Brussels... and we did some pizza's for other members of UE Parlament and their assistants. I'll never forget this evening

Wanda and Chocolate factory (in her kitchen)

Because I wanted to. I read ingridients, and I'm not alergic to only one black chocolate in my store. So, I bought it, and I made strawberries with black chocolate for my parents (and me, if I'll work well today), who're coming today. I hope, they'll like them, and forgive whole mess in apartement...
They maybe don't look too good, but they're delecious :D



Some time ago I made webpage for my sister and her fiancee, about their marriage. That will be in august, but they already are making some publicity for me between their friends. This page is very simple, but what is simple in look, is simple in use, and that's exactly what my sister wanted to have. We both decided colors, what write inside, everything. I'll be doing english version of it too. (PS. don't worry about resolution, that's printscreen, and my resolution is 1280x800 px)

I also made invitations (and more I'll do, more I'll learn about using photoshop and everything... Sirwen, when I'll be in Switzerland, would you mind to give me some lessons about chineese food, as we talked, and using PHP to do some cool webpages? :D):

Oh, And PS. Sorry, most of you are not invited, especially, when you're not living in Poland, and you don't know my sister at all ;) With whole do respect...



Playing with layouts. I think, now it's little bit better ;)
Banner completely inspired by Sirwen (I though about drawing myself with my laptop and me as an animal before, but nickname with different fonts etc. that I was inspired by my dear friend Si-Yu aka Sirwen


Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

Finally in Brussels, since last wednesday. And I wen't today afternoon to see it. Why? Because I love world of Narnia by C.S. Lewis, I read those 7 small books, and my favorite is "Prince Caspian", and the last one "The last battle". So, I couldn't missed those.
I must say, that this episode is much better, than the last one. In first I was pretty angry when I saw especially a moment, when Susan and Lucy were riding Aslan. That was so false, you could see almost bluescreen there. But here... They used the smallest possibility of bluescreen, I think, most of shots where made in nature, or finally they looked like made in nature. Thank you!
Actors played better, than in first "Narnia", but... they're now so big, and older... too much for "one year" difference between last and this episode. But how we can stop growing up kids-actors? That I can forgive :)
Ben Barnes (Prince Caspian), I already liked him in Stardust. So, I was little bit surprised, when I saw him on bilboards as this character in Narnia. I told myself, that then I really need to go and see it even more. And I don't regret. I just loved, how he interpret Caspian. And actor... just to eat him alive ;)
Sergio Castellitto (King Miraz) was fantastic. He could persuade even me to some point of view, when he show some... brilliant.
And those make-ups (appart of Susan, who was made as great beauty... with all do respect, that wasn't how I imagined her. In first Narnia she was good), and everything. Costumes were really nice (but after Curse of the Golden Flower, they're much worse ;).
BUT I'll never go to UGC again! Sound was horrible, sometimes loud, sometimes very silence, colours changes, when they changed tape orwhateveritisinenglish. That made me really mad. Now I can understand my friend from my class, Vincent, why he stopped going to cinema in Brussels: you pay a hell a lot of money (6,50 euro for student! yuyks!) for something of law quality...

Anyway, still I liked that film, it was much better than first one, but I'm one of Narnia-maniac, so it's up to you to go and see it ;) I can forgive a lot of things unconsciously ;) I'll buy it in either way on DVD, but I'll wait untill next year for third Narnia, so there'll be trilogy selling :P



Well, I don't have too much patience to PC coloring, especially, when It's always some kind of crap. I would love to try some more during this holidays, but I've got dozens of books to read, and one book which I need to learn by heart, if I wan't to pass my driving license... Gosh, why there's always something to do? :D
Anyway, here is Simae, my own character, one of my personal favorites. Draw the simpliest way possible, because I had a mood for something like that.


Curse of the Golden Flower

Yesterday, before my work, I watched "Curse of the Golden Flower". And I didn't waste my time and money. The decorations are just superbe, there's a great ambiance, actors played so good... I can understand, why it had so many rewards. Thing is only one, that when there were some fights, that was already too magical. That wasn't too real. Pitty.
But still I liked that film very much. Story, scenography, representation... It's good to see it!



Monday I had results of my exams. I proudly passed to second year. I'm too happy to describe it. It's just... relief. I've got holidays. Partly, I still work in chocolaterie untill 17 of august, but I don't need to learn to second session.
Monday I wen't with Alex to see "Iron Man". I heard a lot before that, and I must admit others oppinion: that was great. I'll save even those 20 euros just to have it directly in my DVD collection. First: because I like actors who're playing there, second: because I like Iron Man, third: because that's great adaptation!
No drawing today, I did some sketches, but they're totally crap. I've got artblock. Again.
Ok, I'll go see some stupid movie. I can't sleep, maybe that'll give me something...