Stressed out

Yeah, sorry, no posts, I barely come to see your works on blogs, but I do try!
Since wendsday I'm little bit ill, and can't read much, or I have enough of TV, so I started to write again. It feels sooo good... I've got an old and new ideas for like 4 scenarios, and so I'll just write that down in form of story's, or books maybe. And then... we'll see ^^ Also, I'll try my best to draw something more interesting, than a stupid doodle, but I have absolutely no idea what could I do that would be so awesome. Yep, I've got no more faith in my drawing skills. Sucks, but whatever. If you would have the Jury oppinion about your work going round and round in your had for almost six months, and some other stressful things going on in your life, you would totally understand. Grrrr....



No time to even think. 4 different and very lovely jobs, driving license lessons, learning to the Theatre Academie exams, and helping whoever I can in my family with Christmas, 18th birthday party of my younger brother etc etc. Jeez, theese weeks will kill me anytime soon...