Cabane page3


-Justine, why do you take your caleidoscope wherever you go?
-That's the last gift from my dad...

-It's little bit junky, don't ya think?
-No, I love it!

_I though your daddy is rich, and so he can buy you something better...

-He is! But I prefer this, than another doll!
-You have many of them?
-Forteen, fifteen... you?
-Only seven...

-You're commin' tomorrow?
-Nah, our dad want's us to go to cherch, and then eat some lunch all together.
-Yeah, that'll be so borring...

-Well, I will play with my dad alone at my tree house than! S'ya!
-Yeah, 'till next time!

-I wan't to have same daddy as Justine. He's a real White Knight!

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