Cabane page2

-And because of you we need to come back earlier home!
-But, when it's dark, all monsters come out...
-Ha ha ha! Monsters...

-That's true!
-And you, Justine, you're not affraid of anything?

-Wha'? Me? No. My dad told me, that we can't be scared of so small things...

-And mine told me to stop being silly...
-Hey, that's my dad too, y'know?!
-I won!

-You can't win with 5 aces
-Oh, no?

-My dad had nothing against it...
-And ours hates when we cheat!

-Claire, Martin, please... it starts to be dark here... let's go home.

-Me too, I will go home. My dad promised to read my favorite book!
-But, I don't wan't to go home yet.
-No discussion!

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