Future 2048

Last project for my studies, for end of year. I choose an ideological subject, and actually, everyone though, that I'm some kind of religion racist (and I'm not!), I liked what I did. I would like to change one or two things, but looking on technic side, I'm proud of myself.
This is theoriticly in bichromie. If I'll find some strenght, I'll do this better...

Tecnic: lines: ink, greyscale: guash, bichromie: Photoshop CS


Page 2:
-That's impossible! I can't understand a single thing from this class!
-Pierre, don't exagerate... You had to understand something...
-I swear! Interpretation of Bible is not my class at all...

-How will I pass this class? God, sweet God, help your poor bieliever
-Now, now. You don't need help from our God with so simple thing. I'll come to you this evening, I'll help you to understand.

-Rescue me! I'm already late, and I forgot my Bible... Dont you have one?

-Yes, but...

-Thank you, Pierre! I'll bring it back later!
-Hey, wait! I need it!
-It's ok, Pierre, we'll be learning from mine...

Page 3:
-Yes, madam?
-Open your Bible

-Read a passege from Marc 8, versets from 22 to 26
-(reading passage... please, I won't trabslate that damn thing :P his reading and he stops)

-(continue to reading with hesitation)

-Hi! Wow, you're here a lot! I thought about learning only with Raphael, but come on i...

Page 4:
-Marie... Can I go with you?

-In four years, when you'll have your second baptism.
-But that's so long...

-Little patience, my brother

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