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Copied from mine Deviant Art Journal

So, for now the last article, for which I’ve got some idea. Here we go, mates!
So, what make people the artists? That they’re dressing in original way? That they’re doing some totally crazy things? That guys who’s working on the desk call them “crazy one”? I don’t think so. I think, that everybody is some kind of artist in any way. So, why you want to be so original? Why do you dress like some kind of “artist” person. Clothes that’s don’t match one to each other, jeans with holes, minis, and under that some other pants… Big, metallic shoes, very strong make-up. And for what? Just to be seeing on the street? Believe me, you don’t need any stuff like that to be seeing! Be yourself! Don’t try to be cool, or things like that, because that’ll bring you NOTHING!
I’ve got in my school some guys, who’re looking at me like to a weird person. Why? Because I’m in artist school, and I wear normal clothes. And why I’m not wearing stuff like them? Because I don’t need to show anyone, how original I am, or that I am some kind of artist. I know that, and that’s fair enough for me.
Also, somebody, who’s not feeling good in clothes that he has, that everybody can see. He just don’t fit in, he’s looking weird for us. But somebody, who’s wearing things not normal for us, but he’s feeling good in it, he’s just looking good. Weird, huh? But very true.
Some, dear artists. Please, don’t exaggerate with your look. Because that’s not the most important in art. In art the works are important, and you, by yourself. Not your clothes…

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