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Copied from mine Deviant Art Journal:

Now, I’d like to write something about works, deviants. In that way I’m not good, I know, so that article will concern me also.
First thing: when you’re giving a deviant, you must concern in your calculation is, that everybody can do a criticism of that.
Second thing: your work don’t need be popular to be good. On DA pageviews does not saying a thing! That’s just an information. You can be a great artist, but not so popular.
Because, how you can have a lot of pageviews even, when you’re a horrible artist? Simple: give maaaany watch, faves and comments, have a trush in your gallery, redraw some things, some manga’s, and have them as FanArt. I saw, that the most faves has got the FanArts of some manga. Even, when that artist don’t know, how to draw, he’s content, because he’s got a lot of pg, because of his one frikin’ work. So, pg means nothing!
Third thing: I saw that on some comments: draw your pictures like they're the last picture that you'll ever draw. Do the best photo possible, do everything best you can do, like that's the last thing you'll ever do!

Remember then: pg means nothing to you, you can be a great artist without being popular! But, if somebody will see your works, maybe that’ll be somebody who knows, how to give a Daily Deviant suggestion, and like that you’ll be popular for one day probably… or for more and more :)

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