I have been at polish Baltic festival of comics. It was pretty fun, but some of things were seriously not even borring, but just without any sense, or disturbing in some way. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I've got some point of view for comic-books thanks to my studies and my friends from there. and so, hearing, how it looks like in Poland just terrified me. But, hell, maybe that'll change.

Or, when I'll come back next year, I will be really mad...

PS. Started new layout last week. Maybe I'll finish it this week. Donno. I've got work to do in my chocolate shop. 6 days of wroking at row is approching. Yay...... Will be there any time to draw? Hope so!


Ystad said...

tja, a Timof chciał Ci pomazać plansze.

i skoro niektóre rzeczy były niepokojące lub bez sensu, to może napisać od razu jakie. he ? ;)

hmmm, a blogger każe mi wpisać słowo HALEDUP, hale pełne dup.... chore

kmh said...

Ano, napisz! Ciekaw jestem, jak to wygląda w oczach osoby spoza tego grajdołu.