Un SDF cont


Page 2:

-Rhooo, just leave me, you scribbler!
-No, wait!

-You will make me as a big asshole in you aticle, that's for sure!
-No no, belive me!

-What can I do for you, to convince you?

-You really took a lot... my boss will kill me...
-What do you wan't?! I'M HUNGRY!

-Well, at least we can start... What's your name?

-No, no names!
-Alright... Then, what's your history?

-Ah!... That was 20 years ago...

Page 3:

I worked in very well known firm
You were a janitor?

No! I was a lawyer!

-And not jiust simple one. I was THE best!

-I won every brief. Even the worse ones. I remember of one in particulary...

-Did you have wife?
-A woman, yes. We weren't married, or something. Well, going back to this brief...

-Interesting. Did you have a daughter?

-Daughter? No.

Page 4:

-With this woman you couldn't have any children, y'a know? And I just can't stand kids.
-I see...

-Where was I? Ah, yes. You must know, that my firm was copletely corrupted. I didn't enjoy working there.

-You see, I needed to defend also criminals, and that's against to my principals.

So, you were fired?
No! I left my job!

But then, because of bad oppinion, I couldn't find another.

-So you started to drink...
-Oh, no, I'm too strong for things like that...

Page 5:

-And that's why your wife left you, and took with her little Isabelle.



-My wife.... pffff. My daughter.

-My daughter....

Page 6:

-My Isabelle?


tanhoaphamsurlenet said...

wow! :-)

Anonymous said...

I would be interesting to see it in watercolour :-)

You can achieve very homogeneous result in your comics even if they are still "young". I like it.